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SPEAKING OF VEGAN is a show that has as its topic




The show covers a whole host of topics, including health, nutrition, food choices, environmental topics, world hunger, other social justice issues, as well as, of course, the entire spectrum of animal rights.


SPEAKING OF VEGAN aims to entertain, inform, delight, touch, move and inspire the hearts and minds of people to live a delightful, joy-filled, healthy, vibrant, and compassionate vegan lifestyle.


The sky is the limit on SPEAKING OF VEGAN, and we welcome comments and feedback from the community and world at large!


Join us as we take this incredible journey into this fascinating, exciting, amazing, fun, loving and gentle universe, the UNIVERSE OF VEGAN!!

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 Anuj Arun Shah went vegan at 2:30 a.m. on February 27, 1989, and has been a passionate vegan advocate since! Anuj is a passionate vegan in every respect and loves the life of compassion, vibrant health, environmental care, and just plain joy that accompanies the vegan life. In every city he has lived, Anuj has worked with the local animal rights and vegan organizations, including: Professionally, Anuj is a Board Certified Immigration Lawyer in Houston, Texas. He is the founder of The Law Office of Anuj Shah, P.C., and a co-founder of Skadden Shah Ortiz Cotro PLLC, an international law firm that handles all areas of international corporate, tax, immigration, estate, administrative, and business matters. Anuj speaks numerous languages, including Spanish, French, Gujarati, Hindi, (English, of course), and studied Classical Sanskrit throughout his graduate education


ANUJ ARUN SHAH, J.D., Ph.D 2002 – J.D., University of Southern California School of Law 1999 – Ph.D., East-West Center/University of Hawaii 1995 – M.A., University of Houston 1993 – Certificats de Premier et Deuxième Degrès, La Sorbonne, Université de Paris 1992 – B.A., Rice University, Wesleyan University.

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